Seat Frame Welding Lines

Our seat frame production lines enable car seat manufacturers to enhance their competitiveness.

In response to ever increasing customer demands for comfort, style and safety, Automotive Seats are getting more complex. With constant pressure to shorten time -to-market and increasing complexity of designs, the seat manufacturers are under pressure to maintain the competitive edge. To help smooth project launches INCITE offers well engineered seat frame productions lines which are built to be FIRST TIME RIGHT.

We provide turn-key solutions for setting up of Seat Frame Welding Lines for Welding (Robotic/ Manual), Checking Fixtures, Hug Fastening SPM, Riveting SPM, Assembly SPMs and End of Line (EoL) Machines and others.

We have designed and manufactured more than 14 major welding lines for OEMs like Renault Nissan, Toyota, Ford, Fiat Chrysler, M&M & Tata Motors.


Standardized Design:

Over the years, we have standardized the elements and clamping units required for making Seat Frame Welding Fixtures. We keep the items in stock. This helps us in turning out the lines faster, both in design & in manufacturing.

Controlled Manufacturing:

We do all the core processes in house. We do not outsource. Thus we have full control on the manufacturing of complex mechanisms needed for making the fixture.

Domain & Commodity Knowledge:

Due to our past experience, our team has developed deep knowledge about the part from the point of view of Welding & Manufacturability. We take active participation in helping the customer to optimize the Seat Frame Design.


We have worked on all type of Seat Frames listed below,

  • 1R Driver - Back & Cushion
  • 1R Co Driver - Back & Cushion
  • 2R 100% Back
  • 2R 60% & 40% Back
  • 2R 100% Cushion
  • 2R Captain Seat LH & RH
  • 3R 60% & 40%
  • 3R Tumble Seats
  • Driver 4 Way Frame
  • Driver 6 Way Frame
  • Arm Rest
  • 2R CRS Anchor

Projects Executed