Rich Experience in working on diverse application

Delivering on heavy engineering needs across the board, Incite Cam Centre manufactures, designs and supplies a wide range of assembly and handling products, including jigs, Checking Fixtures (Sheet Metal and Plastic Trims), Welding Fixtures (Manual and Robot Welding Lines), Special Purpose Machines (SPMs), Gauges and Rubber Parts (Seals, Moulded Parts, Nozzles), Automation products.


Innovative jigs and welding fixtures are the primary aid for welding engineering solutions, enabling accuracy, repeat manufacture and assembly of specific designs.

They ensure consistency of workmanship, lessen production time and remain versatile, changing as per the needs of the product that needs to be manufactured. At Incite Cam Centre, this thought process is fostered, through the range of welding fixtures that the company provides to enable fabrication of several mechanised products.

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Inspection in manufacturing is a critical way of monitoring quality, assessing productivity and reducing scope of rework.

When a manufacturer, like an automobile OEM, works on a production line scale of mechanised deliveries, an elaborate inspection mechanism is critical to achieving its scale of operations. Such a process requires underlying standardised scales of measurement, peer review or audit of current ways of production and a cross comparison of the two. Actively considering ways to reduce wastage, chances of repair and improvement in the overall cycle closes this loop.

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Automation solutions in manufacturing are a core engineering need for today’s competitive and time-bound production cycles.

Automatic controls in process, assembly and handling of manufacturing solutions enable economies of scale, improve labour productivity and reduce labour costs, reduce manufacturing lead time – all with reduced human participation. At Incite Cam Centre, the benefits of automation in manufacturing cycles are achieved in all product aspects – from jigs and welding fixtures, special purpose machines and line automations. These solutions also ascertain our commitment to ‘Create Innovative Technology’.

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As a manufacturing enabling industrial supplier, Incite Cam Centre is also involved in core production, design and supply of several components like rubber parts, plastic parts and sub-assembly parts.

Primarily designing, creating and supplying components for the automobile sector, life sciences and healthcare units, these moulded parts are working parts in non-metal alloys and are fast consumables in larger products.

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Seat Frame Welding Lines

Our seat frame production lines enable car seat manufacturers to enhance their competitiveness.

In response to ever increasing customer demands for comfort, style and safety, Automotive Seats are getting more complex. With constant pressure to shorten time -to-market and increasing complexity of designs, the seat manufacturers are under pressure to maintain the competitive edge. To help smooth project launches INCITE offers well engineered seat frame productions lines which are built to be FIRST TIME RIGHT.

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