We are involved in core production, design & supply of rubber, plastic & sub-assembly parts.

As a manufacturing enabling industrial supplier, Incite Cam Centre is also involved in core production, design and supply of several components like rubber parts, plastic parts and sub-assembly parts.

Primarily supplying components for the automobile sector, life sciences and healthcare units, these moulded parts are working parts in non-metal alloys and are fast consumables in larger products.

Rubber Parts

Apart from handling fixtures, Incite Cam Centre is a manufacturer and supplier of precision rubber parts for automobile, electrical and medical grade clients. These are moulded from a host of materials, including natural rubber, EPDM, neoprene, nitrilite, HNBR – threban and silicon.

Specifically, the manufacturer works on the following kinds of rubber parts :

  • Anti-Collision Bumpers
  • Sealed Bladders
  • Rubber Moulded Wrenches
  • Soft Grips for Power Tools
  • Nozzles
  • O Rings
  • Seals
  • Gaskets

Sub Assembly & Plastic Parts

Incite Cam Centre develops & manufactures Sub Assemblies & Plastic Parts for companies like Bosch Power Tools