Inspection in manufacturing is a critical way of monitoring quality

When a manufacturer, like an automobile OEM, works on a production line scale of mechanised deliveries, an elaborate inspection mechanism is critical to achieving its scale of operations. Such a process requires underlying standardised scales of measurement, peer review or audit of current ways of production and a cross comparison of the two.

Checking fixture

INCITE CAM CENTRE is a pioneer in developing checking fixtures since the 2000 for Automotive parts covering seats, interiors, exteriors, body and BIW. Team has successfully delivered checking solutions for the whole range of sheet metal, plastic and sub assembly parts.

Experience :

Seat Frames and related parts

Back and cushion frames, side adaptor plates, latch assemblies, header assemblies, Full frame assembles with master buck simulation for front and rear seats.

Sheet metal parts

Body parts like Roof rail, B-Pillar, Cowl, Fender, Rocker panel, Radiator support,

Plastic parts

  • Door Panels: Door Panel Assemblies, Map Pockets, Arm Rests etc.
  • Instrument Panels: IP Assemblies, Glove Box, Bezels, Cup Holders, Side Rails etc.
  • Floor Console: Carrier, Front Close Outs, Rear Cover, Side Covers, Shifter Bezel, Decorative Trims etc.
  • Interior Trims: Garnish Pillars, Side Panels, Floor Finishers, Grab Handles, A-B-C Pillars etc.
  • Exterior Trims: Fender liners, Bumpers, Grill, Spoilers etc.

Auto Gauging

A line of Special Purpose Machines (SPMs) interfaced with encoders to carry out measurements of specific parts.

To ensure precision, the SCADA software logs measurements of frames, storing them datewise and supplier wise.


  • Reducing Cycle time from 15 minutes to 40 seconds (on conventional checking fixtures)

  • Ensuring all 4 SPMs can be handled by just one person – improving cost efficiency.
  • Turning measurements of CRITICAL dimensions to automatic, improving accuracy.
  • Storing frame measurements under specific frame names for future records.
  • Automatic QC reports generation and Data management.