Automation solutions in manufacturing are a core engineering need for today

Automation solutions in manufacturing are a core engineering need for today’s competitive and time-bound production cycles. Automatic controls in process, assembly and handling of manufacturing solutions enable economies of scale, improve labour productivity and reduce labour costs, reduce manufacturing lead time – all with reduced human participation. At Incite Cam Centre, the benefits of automation in manufacturing cycles are achieved in all product aspects – from jigs and welding fixtures, special purpose machines and line automations. These solutions also ascertain our commitment to ‘Create Innovative Technology’.

Process Automation

We excel in setting up of process automation lines for Punching, Assembly, Heat staking and Leak testing. Combination of experienced design, precision fabrication and machining along with automation skills result in reliable solutions.


We have setup assembly lines for Fuel Filler assemblies, Door Handles, Ultrasonic Welding of Door Trims, Seat Frame Assembly, Seat Mechanisms Assembly etc.

Case Study : Fuel Filler Assembly line

The well-engineered assembly delivered by Incite Cam Centre is enabled by a central processing station to capture, store and analyse data of critical parameters. The line includes welding fixtures, checking fixtures, hose assembly and cap pressing stations along with 2 stage leak testing stations.


  • Improve operational efficiency.
  • Reduce cycle time.
  • Provide operational ergonomics.


We have done Handling Automation for Cockpit Assembly, Battery Assembly, Exhaust Manifold Assembly, Radiator Fin Loading etc.

Case Study : Cock pit handling aid

Movement on this line could occur on three different axes (with a Motorised X axis and Pneumatic Y and Z axis). This is how the cockpit is maneuvered over the car.


  • Reducing manpower for cockpit automation from 4 operators to 1.
  • Load capacity increased to more than 80 kg.
  • Productivity has increased.